Amazing Thing Around The World

Colosseum is a building that became one of the mainstay tourist attraction in Rome. The Colosseum was built in the Vespasian government in AD 72 and was completed by his son Titus in 80 AD. The Colosseum is also called the Flavian Amphitheater. Colosseum has a height of 48 meters with a length of 188 meters and 156 meters wide. the entire building area is 2.5 ha. arena floor is made of wood and covered by sand.

Colosseum used to be used for gladiatorial games, either between people and people, as well as people with animals, the execution of prisoners, and also used as a performance venue. It is said that the Colosseum is the largest open air and has been established UNESCO into the World Heritage Site and became one of 7 Wonders of The World.

Once inside the Colosseum complex, we are greeted by arch of constantine view with an iron fence around it. Perhaps because it is a protected building, a fence is built to avoid further damage. From this "gateway" we can immedia…

My Own Jurnal

Gathapraya is a cultural festival held by SMAN 3 Bandung annually. It's the fourth after Matswapati in 2014, Gamarvani in 2015, and Megantara in 2016. Gathapraya has been done on Saturday, 30th September 2017. This event brings the theme of traditional culture with the aim of introducing traditional culture to society especially young generation. Collaborating traditional culture with modern culture is one of the committee's efforts.
The event starts with a parade from Saparua field to Bali field. The parade followed by 10th grade students of SMAN 3 Bandung wearing traditional clothes. The opening is done by The Head of Tourism Department of West Java Province at 12 pm, followed singing Indonesia Raya 3 stanza. Then there are some appearance from extracurricular in SMAN 3 Bandung. In the evening, the Governor of West Java Province, Ahmad Heryawan, took time to see this event. The event continues with Wayang Golek Giri Harja. then there is a sand painting show by Vina…

Talking about Holiday Plan

Raisa: Hi Yasmin! We will be on holiday soon! I'm very impatient waiting for that moment! by the way what will you do during the next holiday?
Yasmin: Hi Raisa! My holiday plan is to keep learning about lessons and live the day as usual. But sometimes maybe I will play with my two best friends.
Raisa: How diligent you are.
Yasmin: Thanks Raisa. And what about you? What is your holiday plan?
Raisa: I'm going to spend my holiday at my grandma's house. There will be my cousins too. So I think it will be fun
Yasmin: You're lucky to visit your grandma's house. I can't visit my grandma's house because my grandma's house is so far away. It's on Palembang, South Sumatra.
Raisa: Wow, how far it is. My grandma's house is on Cilengkrang, i can get there by motorcycle. Hey, sorry but i have to go, see u later!
Yasmin: See u later!

A Grateful Moment

I have experienced an event that ought to be grateful. It happens when I was 7 years old. One day, my Mom and I went shopping to the supermarket. My Mother left me at the playground while she was shopping. before She leaves me, She told me something like this "I'll come back when you done or maybe a bit long, wait here". But when I done, She was not there. So I wait for her a long time until I mossy *just kidding. I got bored and trying to find her. I keep looking, looking, and looking again. But I didn't find her. I'm getting scared. Then I sat on the stairs and cried. I cried long enough. Until someone patted me on the shoulder. When I looked up, it was my mother. I'm so happy until I cried. again. Then I hugged her for soo long. after that accident, I promise to always obey every command of my Mom. HEHE.

My New Friend

Situation: In the Library.

Raisa: Excuse me, do you know where's the English Book for Grade 10?
Zahra: Yes I know. It's on the book shelf number 4 row 3.
Raisa: Thank you. By the way, what's your name?
Zahra: My name is Zahra, and you?
Raisa: Oh hello Zahra! My name is Raisa.
Zahra: Hello Raisa! What are you doing in the library?
Raisa: I want to borrow and English Book, and you?
Zahra: I want to do my Economy homework.
Raisa: What grade are you?
Zahra: I'm 10th grade Science 11, and you?
Raisa: I'm 10th grade Science 12. What's your hobby?
Zahra: My hobby is reading a novel.
Raisa: Oh really? Me too. What's your favourite genre?
Zahra: My favourite genre of novel is anything unless romance.
Raisa: If your homework is done, do you wanna go back to class with me?
Zahra: Sure! Wait for me okay?
Raisa: Ok, I'm going to borrow English Book now.
Zahra: Ok!

It's All About Me

Haiii my name is Raisa Marsa. You can call me Raisa. I was born at Bandung, 16th February 2003. I'm the only one child in my family. I am studying in SMAN 3 Bandung. My class is at X MIPA 9. There are 27 student in my class. My homeroom teacher is Mr.s Elis. She's teaching BioIogy. My English Teacher is Mrs. Wiwin. She's pretty, I want to learn English a lot from her. I have tan skin. My height is about 162 cm. I'm using hijab and eyeglasses. I'm beautiful too, LOL. I have an instagram account, go follow me @raisaaars. Don't forget to spamlike my posting hihi.

My hobby is reading Webtoon. It's such as digital comic. My favourite webtoon is Cheese in The Trap. This webtoon is from South Korea. The genre is romance. The main characters are Seol, Jung, and Inho. My favourite is Jung because HE'S SOOOOO HANDSOMEE!. I read another webtoon too, like Winter Woods, LOOKISM, Trickster, and many more.

My future goals are accepted in Bandung Institute of Technolo…